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We launched this website in 2013 to support Rand Paul. We thought Rand had a great chance to win the nomination for President in 2016. Then the juggernaut that is Donald J. Trump entered the race and swept every other candidate aside. So much for our plans.

Freedom Fest is our birth place

FreedomFest 2013 is where we launched It’s A Paul World. For those of you who don’t know, FreedomFest is billed as “The Worlds Largest Gathering of Free Minds”. FreedomFest is three and a half days of presentations, lectures, debates, encounters, exploration, and fun with some of the brightest and interesting people on the planet. We met Steve Forbes, Jim Rogers, Stephen Moore, John Stossel, Glen Beck, Rand Paul, Mark and JoAnn Skousen, and many other names you would recognize. Not to mention all the attendees who are fascinating to talk with as well. It is a whirlwind, mind-expanding adventure and that is why we have attended every year since except 2020 when it was canceled.

To give you a flavor (taste) of what you can expect, John Paul is doing a series of interviews with FreedomFest speakers, and we will post them here for you to listen to. Some names you will recognize, some will be new, all will be interesting and thought provoking…just like supporters of Rand Paul.

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