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John Paul Mendocha
John Paul Mendocha

I am known in the business world as Dr. SpeedSelling.  My brother Michael and I decided to create this website when we realized that the public, the “We The People” had an impossible job when trying to pick a leader for our country. The “News” we get is so colored by what the Big Dumb Media companies share that there was no way we could make such an important decision!

By co-founding It’s a Paul World I am making a dent in this problem. It’s a Paul World allows us to bring you the REAL news and will always be a ‘No Bullshit” zone… I am an intense speaker and blogger and will always deliver actionable, knowledgeable insights with rapid-fire, humorous delivery, for the real man.

One thing many people will never know is that I always wear two watches… Why?  Because I know that time is the most cherished resource we have… Time can NEVER be replaced.  I promise not to waste your time with boring political drivel filled with $20 words. Just the news, the real news and as mentioned before, No Bullshit!

In My other life I am a serial entrepreneur with now 40 years of experience, 30 of them as a consultant helping businesses pull themselves back up when the leaders of our country have helped us into another recession!  I am a capitalist, a libetarian, and above all a proud US Citizen.

A four-year stint as a professional gambler taught me that in business, politics and in life, math, odds and probability are on one side.  On the other is human psychology, the emotional drivers that determine what motivates us to react or take action.

These lessons have led to traveling the world, coaching clients in dozens of industries and realizing that there is a lot that goes on in the world that is poorly reported.



Michael Mendocha 2014
Michael Mendocha

Why Did Someone Who Is So Apolitical Co-found This Website?

Hello, my name is Michael Mendocha and I am one of the co-founders of It’s A Paul World.

The question I get asked is why I co-founded a political website when I am so apolitical.

The answer is simple.  I am tired of people talking about the difference between the Democrats and Republicans. If you view the political spectrum as a yardstick, the Democrats are at  17 3/4 inches while the Republicans are at 18 1/4 inch. In that short half-inch range they look different, but when you look at the full spectrum they are virtually identical. Each party makes a lot of noise touting how different they are but really when you get into it they are almost the same. And the same old thing is not going to serve us well going into the future.

There are solutions to our problems that are proven to work and be cost effective but, because of politics as usual, these solutions never see the light of day. They will upset the applecart of those who stand to benefit from keeping the problem intact.

That’s why I co-founded this website. I believe that Rand Paul gives us the best opportunity for change in Washington. His thinking goes beyond the conventional but is not so radical as to get shut down and shut out so that nothing ever changes in Washington.

Even though I am apolitical, I know that politics affects me… it affects all of us. It is important to get our message out and be heard.

I want the best for United States of America and I hope that this website will contribute to a dialogue of progress and freedom and liberty for all.

Together we can make this happen. Don’t you agree?




John, Michael, and the rest of the team for are working steadfastly to bring you relevant, bullshit free news and opinions.

Together with you lets do our part as citizens of this great country to get the right man elected in our Presidential office!

Won’t you please help us support America’s #1 Son of Liberty Rand Paul in his senate campaign and in the hopefully-near-future his presidential campaign.

Please subscribe and participate in our growing community.


Use every minute to the fullest; it’s the only one you have.



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